A blended design

Many of us think that blended learning is simply an integration of face-to-face learning and online learning. In fact, there are many definitions of blended learning. Blended learning can also represent the integration of activities that allows both collaboration with others and self-studies. It is also important to remember that only adding some online components to a course, does not necessarily mean one has blended the course.

Learning has to start with motivation and curiosity. Lippmann’s term “Community of inquiry” shows us three key elements that build a framework in which learning can happen. The elements – or dimensions – are social, cognitive and teaching presence.  ( see http://www.aupress.ca/books/120229/ebook/01_Vaughan_et_al_2013-Teaching_in_Blended_Learning_Environments.pdf ).

Our PBL-group had long discussions about what makes blended learning successful for the students. As always when we talk about learning, it is important how we organize the learning activities, from making it possible for the students to collaborate, preferably in small, secure groups, to think about what will motivate the learning process, and to plan the assessment activities.

The figure below is an example of how I am planning to create and realize a blended course in my university.

kopia design pbl blend


Pannan, L J, Legge, K A (2016). A blended learning model and a design model combine to support academics in pedagogical redesign of the curriculum. PDF available: http://2016conference.ascilite.org/wp-content/uploads/ascilite2016_pannan_full.p

Vaughan, N. D., Cleveland-Innes, M., & Garrison, D. R. (2013). Teaching in blended learning environments: Creating and sustaining communities of inquiry. Edmonton: AU Press. Chapter 1 “Conceptual framework”. PDF available:  http://www.aupress.ca/books/120229/ebook/01_Vaughan_et_al_2013-Teaching_in_Blended_Learning_Environments.pdf




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  1. Hello Bettina!
    Yes there are many definitions of ‘bleded learning’ and I think it’s impossible to find the one an only definitive definition. Nevertheless, I think that our discussions and reflections in PBL-group 6 made us coming closer to the meaning of blended learning. At the same time I think we have become more humble to the definition ‘blenden learning’. It’s all about to designing learningprocesses that motivate and create learning presence. It can bee done in so many various ways. It’s simple like that – and at the same time it’s so hard to do.

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